Monetizing Your Website

Components of A.M (Affiliate Marketing)

We provided you a step by step guide on how to create contents for your website or blog. However, we are now going to provide you with information on how to monetize your website as promised, so you can start generating some income. We assume that you already have a website or blog if you haven`t we suggest that you get one in order to be able to utilize this information.
This article will focus on affiliate marketing, affiliate network, how it works, to help you make a decision if this is the way you to go as an affiliate. So, let`s get started.

Affiliate Marketing What Is It.

Affiliate Marketing is about performance and acquisition. The affiliate/s get rewarded when a person/s is referred by the affiliate to a merchant or merchants and in most cases when an acquisition is made through the affiliate’s marketing effort.
Affiliate Marketing is made up of four main parts. 1. The merchant known as the (retailer or brand). 2. The network. 3.The publisher and is also known as an affiliate too. The publisher could be one who owns a medium (websites, magazines, publishing firm etc.) that can be used to give exposure to the offers obtained through the affiliate transaction process. And 4.the customer one who consumed the offer/s.
however, let`s move on to another aspect of affiliating marketing. the network.

Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Network serves as an intermediate or middleman between merchants` affiliate program and publishers. Affiliate network provides a wider platform which gives publishers more opportunities to find and participate in affiliate programs which can lead to generating income from the services publishers provide in term of exposure of offers on the publishers` websites or other publishing mediums. Like for example, through advertisement or promotion of merchants` products on publishers` website.


Affiliate Marketing: How it Works.
Merchants pay affiliates (publishers or owners of websites in term of online marketing) revenue for purchase or sales or specific action such as registering for a subscription etc. Carried out by visitors sent to merchants` website from advertisement or promotion of merchants` products on publishers` websites.

In other words, you as a website owner who is engaged in affiliate marketing through affiliate network get pay if you advertise or promote a merchant/s products on your website and send visitors from your website through the affiliate link or banner ads to merchants` website and those visitors make a purchase. Or performed an agreed-upon action, which may be filling up a subscription form or installation of merchant software product on your website.

The benefits of Affiliate Network for merchants include. The following:
Tracking software or technology, use to track sales, tools used to make a report, process payment, and access to a large number of publishers.
For the Affiliates: the benefits will be having opportunities such as gaining access to more than one merchant affiliate programs, making it easy to register to merchants` affiliate programs. making the payment process simple. Joining affiliate network is mostly free for affiliates but there is a fee for merchants to participate. In Affiliate Marketing price model vary, the following are the methods used to pay out revenue to affiliates.Thanks for visiting our site hope this article is beneficial to you.
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