Selecting Products and Ad

OK  let’s talk about Ad page and getting contents in term of affiliate products to publish on your website.
This article will focus on products and placement of advertisement of those products on your site.
Contents marketing is about using contents to market to your audience. It can be done on a trust basis by giving your audience valuable contents that can either be used to answer questions or concern they may have, as demonstrated in our 6 steps strategy on our blog page.

Contents Marketing Is Broad:

Moreover, content marketing is even better due to its many advantages.  And one of those advantages is its broadness. Because content marketing is broad, it provides a vest opportunity to expand and diversify your production. But diversification should be organized and put into segments so as to maintain clarity and focus. If not, you will have no clear direction of what you want to achieve and find your content creation effort fruitless. And all over the place and can get your audience trying hard to figure out what your content creation is about. Clarity is also important in monetizing your contents.


Using Your Contents to Generate Income:

One important factor is, knowing how to make money from your products or content. In fact, this is the reason why a lot of people are going into content marketing business. It is the driving force. This is the same method TV talk show host, entertainment shows etc use. And with this new wave of the internet, we can see literally how the traditional way of doing business is shifting. And now the cat is out of the bag. Yes, it’s true you can make money of your contents. And if you are willing to put in the time and hard work, you will see results. Is done through products selection and ad.


Ad Placement:

Don’t go on placing links all through your contents. Having too many links through your contents can overwhelm visitors and can also cause visitors to lost focus on information that they are currently digesting on a particular page on your site, because links tent to lead to other information that you may find interesting but may not fully be ready for it at the moment, and may throw you off focus. So yes, use your marketing links efficiently so that it can benefit both you and your audience or readers.

You can add a link that will take them to the page when clicked on. Learn how to monetize your contents. Note: here I am directing visitors to view my product page. That is what is meant by “the call to action phrase” should be placed in contents that relate to the information you want visitors to view.