Starting a website

How to Start a Website?

Content writing Tips
Content writing Tips

Looking To Start A Website?

Hey, we have provided you a lot of information on contents creation and internet marketing. So, the questions are, do you have a website? And if so, are you monitoring your traffic? Or are you ready to start a website and are thinking about what web server hosting You should use?

Some Useful Information When Deciding:

OK, but first let’s get some info that you should have when deciding to start a website. You should have a bit of knowledge on website design, or get a website designer to help you construct your site. If you are in Canada, you will be able to find some affordable website designers online. Or wherever you are, if you don’t have knowledge of web design you should find an affordable web designer to help you. You will need that.

Choosing Your Web Hosting Provider and Monitoring Your Traffic:

However, if you get a “one-clicked WordPress install” included with the hosting company that you choose, will help to ease the website designing issue that you may have, but you will still need to have knowledge in how to navigate and utilize WordPress content management system.

If you are new to this, it can be overwhelming, but You will find a lot of info online on how to use WordPress, utilize this info to get you started. If you already have a website, or once you have started a website and are publishing contents, you should want to know how your contents are doing. It can be done by monitoring your web traffic stats

Free Web Tracking and Analytic Features

Look for web hosting providers that have AWSTATS software incorporated into their services. Having this software is important because it provides you with analysis info on who is visiting your site. It will give you an idea of how your contents are performing and if your contents are providing your visitors what you intend them to provide.

In other words, are your contents satisfying your visitors’ needs? And if they are not, then you will have to change your contents creation strategy. This is why monitoring your website traffic is important, because if you have no idea on how your contents are performing, you may be disappointed at the end if you are not getting your desired outcome.

And if they are satisfying your visitors, then, you will see an increase in your traffic,  and longer time spent on your site by visitors, and this will be a good thing because you need a good traffic flow to be able to generate some cash from the products you will be publishing on your site through your online marketing means. On this website, you will find info on affiliate network. Use this info to get products to publish. You will also find information on how to publish or advertise products within your niche.  And some other important topics on content marketing and monetization of your site.

Keep checking our website for upcoming products on strong traffic performance contents that will boost your sites visits and increase the possibility of a profitable niche.

But going back to choosing your web hosting provider, the one I use and will recommend is  WEB HOSTING CANADA, they have AWSTATS included in their services you don’t have to install it, and they also have WordPress one clicked installation incorporated too, which is an ideal choice for beginners, and a whole lot of other amazing software that you will need. Their customer service is very good.

You will always get a live customer representative to answer whatever questions you have that relate to their services and products. And they will work along with you to answer those questions. To view their products, click here. Or on the banner ad at the bottom of this page.

I advertise their product and get a commission when a purchase is made through my affiliate transaction. And click here for access to AWSTATS website for more info.